I’m a big fan of anything Japanese so I guess it’s only fair that I chose to do Japanese movie posters for the first assignment.

One thing I really love about Japanese design is that they either make it really simple or just go as crazy as they can. I also love how they tend to combine photography with illustration to create surreal images. As an amateur photographer who is never 100% satisfied with her own work, I really hope I will be able to create something like this one day. (Although I can’t really draw….)

I had a hard time picking between these four amazing pieces but I decided to just go with the one that, imo, stood out the most.

Here’s the one I chose!

The movie is about a 40-year-old otaku who’s trying to raise his adoptive daughter to be an idol.


I’m not sure if I got this grid system right so I do apologize in advance if there’s any mistake.

You can barely see any spaces here lol but the poster is equally divided into 5 sections vertically. I like that the designer put a tagline on the guy’s forehead. Way to make use of  limited spaces!


I also like the fact that, even if it looks really messy, you are still able to tell what the designer wants you to focus on.


There’re only 2 typefaces in this poster. I don’t think there are that many choices for Japanese typography so both fonts are just standard ones. However, the title and the tagline do look a bit like handwriting.


The use of colors is very simple yet fascinating! Colorful but not too bright. I love how the colors make everything look so pop and fun which is a very nice contrast with the guy’s serious face in the middle.


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