Pcomp : Week 2 Switch

Since I wanted to make sure that I really understood what was being taught in class, I first started off by trying to set up basic circuits (with a help from the residents). I followed the schematic in the article and all of them worked without any difficulties.

Creative Switch

Since I love dancing, I thought it would be fun to make a switch that I can put into/under my shoes and the LEDs will light up in accordance with my dance steps. The switch I made, though required a lot of time and effort, was really simple. I put a sponge, with a hole in the middle, between two¬†aluminum foil (which are connected to the LEDs) so that the foil will become in contact with each other when you squeeze the sponge. Here’s a photo of my super simple switch.

Both the foil and the sponge were very fragile and they kept tearing apart when I tried to connect them with the wires. It took me almost 2 hours to finally made one that didn’t start breaking apart every time I touch or move it.

My sketch of how it works


And the result!

Pcomp Week 2 Switch from Yves Pokakunkanon on Vimeo.

Pcomp week 2 Switch 2 from Yves Pokakunkanon on Vimeo.

Though my switch looked kinda sloppy, I had a lot of fun playing with it! Can’t wait to start on another fun project like this! Will try to make something that is more interactive next time.

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