Pcomp : Week 3


I followed the instructions on the labs page and didn’t encounter any difficulties getting the switch and the sensor to work. Though I have to admit that the coding part was a bit exhausting since I’m kinda bad at both math and logic. I tried not to copy the code from the page and instead rewrote it to make sure I know how each function works.

I also tried to apply the code to the creative switch I made last week.  The concept is to make one of the LEDs light up each time you take a step. It worked fine when I held the switch in my hand and pressed it with my fingers but when I put the switch in my shoes it went a little crazy. I guess it’s because my switch was just too fragile to be stomped on? I’ll need to find new materials that are more suitable since I’m pretty sure the current switch will  break apart soon 😦

Pressing the switch by hand
Triggering the switch by foot
Messing around with it



Since I didn’t get the chance to do any observation this week, I decided to write about self-ordering kiosks that are quite commonly used in restaurants in Tokyo (mostly in a sushi place or an izakaya). I think the main purpose of the machine is to prevent miscommunication between the waiter and the customer. It also makes it easier for the   customer to look through the whole menu and to see how the food looks like. Though most of the kiosks in Japan only have Japanese language, you’ll still be able to navigate it without any problems. I personally think it’s fun, super user-friendly and it also saves me from having to embarrass myself since I always mispronouce the Chinese character.

You can actually tell if someone is a regular at a restaurant by the way they interact with the kiosk. Those who have been to the restaurant before usually know in which page their favorite food is and where to click to place an order. If you are familiar with the machine I think it will take less then 2-3 minutes to order and for people who using this for the first time they will probably need around 10 minutes to figure everything out.

I believe that people can find them a bit overwhelming at first if they are not familiar with this kind of machine, but after some time they will get used to it and see how convenient it is!

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