PCOMP: Midterm

I first came up with an idea of using the shoe switch I made for 2nd week lab assignment for midterm project. I wanted to make a game in p5 using the shoe switch to control 2 characters across the screen and have them race against each other. The switch will either be something you can put inside your shoes or something you can stamp on. It means that you actually need to run to make the game characters move.

After Casey and I talked, we thought it might be more fun if we just use the servo dog robot he made instead of making a p5 game. We were also thinking about replacing shoe switch with arcade buttons since it’d be more durable and wouldn’t break easily.

We decided to make a prototype with whatever we found in the junk shop to test if the servo can be used as robot legs. And after we made sure about what type of material we can use for this, we swapped out the cork we were using earlier with a decorative skeletons we found in a Halloween store. We built a racing track with foam board and decorated it with red paint and cardboard.



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