PCOMP : Final Project

MAL is an interactive story-telling installation that will give players a chance to experience the benefits and disadvantages of AI and decide the fate of humanity after the computer take control over us. This installation is inspired by a movie called ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. We want to recreate the scene from the movie where the protagonist has to deactivate the AI computer he created to stop the computer from killing him. During the deactivation, the computer gradually loses its higher intellectual function and it begs the protagonist to stop.

We will use music and sound as a medium to guide players through the story. The players will be tempted by MAL to start activating the machine and giving it more functions for it to compose a song for the players. The players them will need to use a key to start moving the blocks into the machine. The more blocks you’re pushing in, the nicer the song will be, giving the players to experiment and play with different sounds. But at a certain point, if you’re pushing too many blocks in, the machine will start taking control. It will pull all the blocks in by itself and it will start playing some horrifying music. After that the player will have to solve a puzzle to deactivate the machine or they can decide to let the machine live.



Story flow chart


Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.15.03

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