For this week assignment, I really wanted to make something that I will be able to use later or give to friends as gifts. I was thinking about making a soup bowl or a Japanese style wood plate but after asking Sid for directions he said that I would have to use a special tools for that so I gave up on that idea. In the end I decided to make a sushi plate since it’d be really simple and easy to make but it’d also become very useful since I cook Japanese food a lot.


Luckily I found a perfect material for this at the junk shop. I started off by cutting the wood into 5×7 rectangular plates and then sanded the corners to add some curves to it. My plan was to make the plates look very minimal yet nice.

After I finished sanding the plates, I started making the legs for them. I cut the leftover wood into 4x1x1.5 blocks and then I used wood glue to stick them to the plates.

I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome though they are not 100% identical. I also need to finish them with oil or wax. Will beed to do a research to see which one is the most suitable foe this since I’ll put food on them!

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