I first planned to make a machine interface and box for my pcomp final project this week but was struggling with how to use Illustrator and how to pink the right materials. I tried testing on a cardboard I found in the junk but it didn’t cut through so and I realized that I didn’t really understand the basic of how to use the laser cutter at all. I then decided to just make something very simple for this assignment and keep the interface and box for next week.

I always love the look of wooden door plates that most Japanese houses have so I decided  to make one my own! I picked my favorite japanese sentence “前しか向かねえ” (which means ‘don’t look back’) and did a design on Illustrator with Casey’s help. I tried it on a cardboard first but the position wasn’t right and there were some parts that didn’t get etched so I needed to redo the design one more time. I then used the wood i prepared and it turned out pretty good! I wanted to painted the letters but I felt like it didn’t go deep enough? I will try to do something more complicated next week but right now I’m really loving the look of this!


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