My plan was to create the physical component for my pcomp final project. We needed to make a box that will slide crystal blocks out every time we push a button. This is how the design looks like.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 14.14.12


My teammates and I were first trying to make a container but then realized that the inside parts need a lot of adjustment before we can finalize the design of the box. We then decided to focus on the functionality of each part and tried to make every part as easy to make as we could. Since we already spent a lot of money on the acrylic blocks and motors, we wanted to use materials from the junk shelf for every part of the box except the front panel. We were lucky enough to find some wood and acrylic that would be perfect for our project.

We started building the inside components to see if the mechanical for the crystal blocks worked first. It took way longer than we expected since the laser cutter wouldn’t cut through the mat board we wanted to used so we needed to use the tools in the wood shop instead. what happened after is that most of the parts were not precise so we couldn’t use the front panel that we made before. We also didn’t get the machanism right the first time so we needed to also add bars for the motors and the switches to sit on.


Unfortunately I couldn’t finish this in time because I made mistakes with measurement and now I’m out of materials for the box. I also need to redesign the front panel since we had to change the positions of the buttons and the positions of the crystal bocks are not perfectly even. Ideally I hope to finish this by next Monday and I’ll update our progress then!

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