Animation: Assignment 2 – After Effect

For the 2nd assignment, we have to create an animation that tells a story with After Effect. Marianne encouraged us to work with different people from last time so Nun and I decided to team up for this one. We have a week to come up with the storyboard and another 2 weeks to finish our piece.


Since both Nun and I agreed that we wanted to do something weird, we chose to focus on the visual first and we would come up with a storyline after that. I showed her a Japanese manga about a guy who got his eyes replaced to have a visual of a fly. We liked the idea of human body morphing into animals so we decided to do a short story about a mysterious creature that would morph into the body of the things he consumes. We worked on the storyboard together and was able to wrap the story up in 2 hours. However we did cut out some parts of the story since we didn’t have enough time to finish them all.

How flies see


Storyboard & Character Design

We tried to make the protagonist looks as simple as possible. We drew him in Illustrator and edit him into various creatures in Photoshop.


we learned how to use After Effect in class and worked on the animation separately. I did the first half of the story. AE was not as hard as I expected but it did require a lot of time and effort. I was struggling a lot with camera angle and couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted. I also needed to redo some scenes a couple of times due to camera problems.

Here’s the finished video!

If we had more time I’d definitely like to improve the look of the protagonist and also make his movement more natural.


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