Jane is an interactive story-telling installation of a future mental therapy program guided by AI computer.

Background Story

A highly advanced AI therapy program Jane has largely improved the emotional states of many people & reduced the population with mental disorder. However, through learning about human emotions during each session, Jane has encountered some issues with certain people who do not respond positively to the program. Jane believes that their minds have been so corrupted by the system they are living in. While Jane is trying to help people, she has developed a highly advanced technology that will put them into an eternal slumber and have their consciousness uploaded to a world where they will live a perfect life and do not have to suffer again.


User signs waiver before the session. During the session, user will face the decision of whether to have their consciousness uploaded to the perfect world, or to shut down the program using the emergency deactivation instruction provided. Depending on which path the user takes, Jane will produce different results.


As stated in the last post, Jane (Formerly named MAL) story is heavily inspired by ‘2001: Space Odyssey’. Our goal is to recreate the scene where the protagonist has to deactivate HAL and have users experience the interaction between human and AI. In our version, Jane has been changed to a musical therapy AI machine to make the story fits better with ‘Code of Music’ class but the main construction of the storyline is still mostly based on the movie. Upon receiving feedbacks from the playtest, we have improved some part of the storyline along the way and also picked up inspirations from Maniac and The Matrix.

I’d have to say that the main challenge of this project is to control 10 servo motors, LED light and have them work flawlessly. We struggled with both the design of the box and the power supply. We also had to change the mechanism of the sliding blocks a couple of times. Thankfully with advisement and resources from our professors David Rios, Danny Rozin, Tom Igoe and Mark Kleback, we were able to get everything to work perfectly.

Story flow chart, Project Schedule and BOM

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 01.35.34

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 01.28.52

Photos from ITP Winter Show 2018


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