Intro to Wearables: Week 1

The assignment this week is to create a soft circuit with 2 LEDs. I wanted to make something that is practical but couldn’t think of a way to apply lights into a piece of clothing that would make it useful and desirable at the same time. It’s really hard to imagine a situation where I would wanna wear a light up clothing. I finally decided to make a collar for pets instead! You’ll be able to easily find your cute pet at night with this light up collar.

I used a piece of black leather to make the collar. It took really long for me to finish since the leather was so stiff and I broke about 4-5 needles along the process 😦 I also couldn’t find a nice way to make a battery holder since the collar is really thin width-wise so it was impossible to make a little pocket for it. In the end I just used the thread to hold the battery in place.

Pet Collar

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