RWET: Assignment 1

A 10-minute-conversation between me and my girlfriend. Took place on our typical ordinary night when she just finished showering after getting home from work. Since we’ve been fighting a lot lately, I think it would be interesting to record our conversation to see who actually starts the fight. It was difficult not to cheat and make myself sound better than I actually did. Since I knew I was recording the whole thing, I was being very careful with my word. Maybe this is why we were not fighting this time?

I love how random things we were talking about are.  It’s interesting to see that some part of the conversation can be very misleading without supporting details. I’m also surprised to see that we actually talk this much in such a short time period.

I got her consent to post this on my blog and share it in class. The audio recording was transcribed and translated into English by me.

Person 1 : The trash can in the toilet smells pretty bad.

Person 2 : Come again?

Person 1 : The trash can in the toilet smells pretty bad.

Person 2 : Right… Because it’s

Person 1 : (cute voice) Because it’s your period right? Your period~ Because it’s your period~ Because it’s your period dancing in our toilet. Imagine this. What if your sanitary napkins roll out of the trash can at night and then they all start dancing like this.
Person 2 : Are you crazy?
Person 1 : Don’t forget to put the trash out tomorrow.
Person 2 : What if I forget again?
Person 1 : I’ll hit you to death.
Person 2 : Are we gonna fight again?
Person 1 : No I’ll just spank you. I need to pack my lunch for tomorrow but I’m too tired.
Person 2 : Pack this. I’ll give you some. (Point to Chinese food on the table)
Person 1 : I was thinking about packing curry.
Person 2 : So you don’t want this?
Person 1 : If you insist. Ok.
Person 2 : Come on. I know you actually want this from the start. You don’t wanna eat curry.
Person 1 : Because I’ve having curry for 2 days straight. Where is my cup? Oh you washed my dish for me? Thank you. Why are you so nice?
Person 2 : Because I am nice.
Person 1 : You are super nice. By the way, Amp and Kate want to have dinner tomorrow.
Person 2 : Where?
Person 1 : Our apartment.
Person 2 : Why?
Person 1 : They just want to.
Person 2 : Ok.
Person 1 : Not sure if they will actually come though.
Person 2: When will you get home tomorrow?
Person 1 : Not sure. I think Amp is planning to stay at her boyfriend’s place tomorrow.
Person 2 : Oh because his place is close to ours, right?
Person 1 : Yes, couple blocks away.
Person 2 : Where is it exactly?
Person 1 : Near Lorimer station. His place is really nice. It’s a new apartment with not to many units. And he has his own small backyard. Just like Japanese apartments.
Person 2 : Oh wait you already took a shower?
Person 1 : Yes because I’m tired.
Person 2 : I’m tired too. I didn’t sleep much last night so I’ll go to bed early today.
Person 1 : What is that thing on the floor.
Person 2 : That’s my shirt. Didn’t know I dropped it. Sorry.
Person 1 : I’m heating this up. Chilling~ Going to a Spa~ Hot stone~
Person 2 : Make sure that there is no food stain in the microwave before using it.
Person 1 : The microwave stinks.
Person 2 : Because I heated up Gapao (Stir fried meat and basil) this morning.
Person 1 : Was it good? The Gapao I made. It’s good, right?
Person 2 : It’s ok.
Person 1 : I ate some today and it was good.
Person 2 : Was it because you were hungry?
Person 1 : No, it tastes good whether I’m hungry or not. Let’s look at the cookbook. What should we make this weekend? By the way, I’m going to a party at Maprang’s house on Saturday. Her place is really nice.
Person 2 : Who’s that?
Person 1 : Maprang. You met her before. The tall girl with dark skin.
Person 2 : I don’t think I know her.
Person 1 : She went to my undergrad. You met her before. When we went out to drink.
Person 2 : I have no idea who she is.
Person 1 : Maybe you didn’t get to meet her that day because you left early.
Person 2 : Well how would I met her if she came after I left?
Person 1 : Let’s go to Brooklyn Museum on Saturday? I wanna see Frida’s work. Have I taken you there before? I remember taking you to the Mets. I also wanna take you to the Frick. You can take nice photos there.
Person 2 : Are you take photos for me?
Person 1 : Sure. And I checked the weather. It will be sunny on that day.
(Microwave sound)
Person 1 : I’m going to a Spa now. Hot stone Spa~ Hot stone Spa~
Person 2 : Are you taking a selfie?
Person 1 : I’m sending it to my mom.
Person 2 : Have you talk to your mom recently?
Person 1 : I just did.
Person 2 : You mean on Saturday? What about after that?
Person 1 : She’s taking grandma and grandpa to see doctors. You wanna try facial masks? Wait, you can’t. Your skin is too sensitive.
Person 2 : Of course I can! I want to!
Person 1 : The are in the fridge. Wow this is like I’m in a real Spa.
Person 2 : That looks comfy.
Person 1 : What is that noise?
Person 2 : Someone moving their furniture?
Person 1 : Why would they do it at this time of a night? People are sleeping.
Person 2 : Or maybe they are fighting?
Person 1 : Yelling at each other like us? No, I mean, like you yelling at me?
Person 2 : Why would you say that?
Person 1 : Because you are the only person yelling.
Person 2 : What….

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