Ideas and Aural Mood Board

Since I don’t really have much music experience, it’s been extremely difficult for me to come up with ideas for an interactive music piece. After looking around for inspirations, I’ve found some cool projects that I think are the closest to what I expect to be able to do for final project. What I wish to do is a sound installation that tells stories and I want to focus on the narrative rather than the musical satisfaction (since it would be very hard for me to achieve). Here’s the videos of the projects I really like.

For now, I have 2 ideas that I think would be suitable for this class.

The first one is an interactive storybook (or maybe a clock? A time traveling machine? A phone?) that consists of several music clips which represent each stage of a person’s life. Starting from when they were born to the very end of their days. I believe that we all have that sound/music that can take us back to the old days. This idea might be a bit tricky since it wouldn’t quite work with people from different culture and generation so designing the content for this will be very difficult. I think my target group should be someone within my age range (maybe 20s – mid 30s?) so that they can relate to the story.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 03.25.33

The second idea is an application that can track your activity then produce a sound/music piece that can help boost your energy and productivity mood when you’re inactive. I wanted to do this because I’m a very lazy person and it’d be great if I have something that reminds me to be more active. This would be really changeling to go through with since it requires a lot of coding knowledge and I don’t feel like I’m there yet. I think my best choice is to go with the first one for now.

Aural Mood board


I picked sound clips that are pretty generic to encounter in daily life. School bell, Ice cream truck song, Happy Birthday song etc. I hope this will be be able to remind people of their younger days.

Musical User Path


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