RWET: Assignment 3

Trouble So Strong

Lyrics mashup sampled from Love So Strong by The Lovelites, Trouble by Halsey and Move On by City Garden Movement

By Yves Pokakunkanon

When I play my kind of jam. You say it’s intolerable.
When you put your favorite songs on speaker. I ask you to turn it off.
How about we play them all so everyone can be happy?

For this week assignment. I decided to do a lyrics mashup from three songs by three different artists. I asked my girlfriend to pick one of her favorite songs that she thinks best describes our relationship. I did the same but intendedly chose something that is very different from hers. The 3rd song is the song that we both listened to a lot in the beginning of our relationship. Since these songs are all very different in both meaning  and writing style aspect, I did not expect consistency or finesse from the result but was more curious to see the change in context.

I use .split(“\n”) to turn the first two songs into two lists of phrases (love and trouble) and .split() to create a list of words (moveon) from the 3rd song. I then combined the first two lists, pulled out 15 elements randomly with  random.sample() and put them in a new list (ourrelationship). My initial idea was to pick one random words from each elements in the list (ourrelationship) and replace them with words from another list (moveon). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to implement for loop function to do what I wanted. I also learned that you can only use .replace() with strings and not lists. In the end, I decided to just repeat the code several times and create different variables for every single one of them.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 03.38.00Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 03.38.21

I also learned that you cannot use the word all or every in your variable name when you are doing for loop. This is what happened when I tried to change the word heartbreak to everyheartbreak and allheartbreak.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 03.24.10

You can find some of the results on the top of this post.

Link to code

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