Intro to Wearable: Week 2

The second assignment is to create new senses trough wearables. At first, I couldn’t really grasp the idea of the the word ‘new sense’ and I was mostly thinking about supernatural thing like ‘seeing a ghost’ and ’reading another person’s feelings’. After I asked around and talked with several people in the class, I finally learned that it can be something as simple as ‘sense of direction’ or ‘sensing the weather’. I then spent a lot of time thinking about how I can make something that would be useful for me in real life and is also not to ambitious for me to finish in a week. 

Since I’ve been having a lot of arguments with my girlfriend lately, I wanted to make something that’d help improving our relationship. One thing that has always been a problem between us is that she thinks I’m always being too loud and I always yell at her every time we’re in a fight (which I beg to differ). I think it’s really hard to tell if you’re being too loud or not when you’re the one speaking? That’s why I thought that a wearable that is able to detect the volume of your voice and let you know if you’re being loud would be a nice fix for my habit.

I decided to create a small device that you can put anywhere (inside a hat, a bra, a pocket, etc.) and it will detect the volume of your voice and vibrate if your voice goes above the threshold. I used Aadfruit Flora, a microphone and a vibration motor for this.

I was trying to use conductive thread since I wanted to practice designing soft circuit diagram but ended up soldering everything together because the transistor and the resistor was difficult to sew. After that I sew Flora on to a piece of fabric to make it look like a small packet. For the code, I had some problems taking readings from microphone at first volume but could make it work in the end with helps from David.

This works perfectly! I had some friends put it in their caps/pockets and started yelling at me. They said they could sense the vibration even it feels subtle sometimes.

For the next step, if I decide to continue working on this, I’d like to attach self-adhesive fabric to one side of the packet so that it’s easier to stick it to your choice of clothing.

Here is the code I used for this.

const int motorPin = 6;
int micVal = 0;

void setup() {
Serial.begin (9600);
pinMode(motorPin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
// Serial.println(micVal);

float micVol = 0;
float micLoudness = 0;
float updateMicVol = 0;
float prevMicVol = 0;
float loud = 0;

for(int i=0; i < 200; i++) {
micVol = analogRead(A9);
loud = abs(prevMicVol – micVol);
micLoudness += loud;
prevMicVol = micVol;

updateMicVol = micLoudness / 200;

if (updateMicVol > 200) {
digitalWrite(motorPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(motorPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(motorPin, LOW);


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