PCOMP : Final Project

MAL is an interactive story-telling installation that will give players a chance to experience the benefits and disadvantages of AI and decide the fate of humanity after the computer take control over us. This installation is inspired by a movie called ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. We want to recreate the scene from the movie where the protagonist has to deactivate the AI computer he created to stop the computer from killing him. During the deactivation, the computer gradually loses its higher intellectual function and it begs the protagonist to stop.

We will use music and sound as a medium to guide players through the story. The players will be tempted by MAL to start activating the machine and giving it more functions for it to compose a song for the players. The players them will need to use a key to start moving the blocks into the machine. The more blocks you’re pushing in, the nicer the song will be, giving the players to experiment and play with different sounds. But at a certain point, if you’re pushing too many blocks in, the machine will start taking control. It will pull all the blocks in by itself and it will start playing some horrifying music. After that the player will have to solve a puzzle to deactivate the machine or they can decide to let the machine live.



Story flow chart


Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.15.03

Fabrication : week 1 flashlight

My first idea was to make an apple that glows in the dark. I got an inspiration from a scene in Lana Del Rey’s music video ‘Tropico’ where she picks a crystal apple from a tree. I wanted to do a photoshoot about witchcraft so a glowing apple would be a perfect prop for that.


I made a skeleton for an apple with wires and covered it up with transparent acrylic sheet. In the end it didn’t really look like an apple and I also couldn’t figure out the way to wire the battery and make a switch so I just decided to turn it into a japanese lantern.


PCOMP: Midterm

I first came up with an idea of using the shoe switch I made for 2nd week lab assignment for midterm project. I wanted to make a game in p5 using the shoe switch to control 2 characters across the screen and have them race against each other. The switch will either be something you can put inside your shoes or something you can stamp on. It means that you actually need to run to make the game characters move.

After Casey and I talked, we thought it might be more fun if we just use the servo dog robot he made instead of making a p5 game. We were also thinking about replacing shoe switch with arcade buttons since it’d be more durable and wouldn’t break easily.

We decided to make a prototype with whatever we found in the junk shop to test if the servo can be used as robot legs. Luckily we found some wood cork which had the perfect weight.

Animation : WEEK 1 – Stop Motion

First assignment for animation class is to make a 30 second stop motion video. The story we used for this video is based on a joke about a tomato family where Papa tomato squeezed one of his children into ketchup because the kid kept lagging behind.


After we all agreed on the story, we decided to include more characters in the video to make it funnier. We stuck googly eyes to carrots, a bell pepper and an onion and placed them around the scene as witnesses. The broccolis were cut in half and turned into trees.

We had problems with lighting and focusing at first but after we got the hang of it everything went smoothly and we could finish everything in 3 hours. For the editing, we got sound samples from https://freesound.org/. We also used our own voice recordings for the conversation between Papa tomato and his kids.

And the result!




I got an inspiration from a sketch I found on openprocessing.org. The sketch is called ‘Snake Brush’ and it uses processing to recreate a famous painting in a way I found very interesting. I have been trying to add a new touch to my photography and I think this is where I want to start. However, for this week assignment I decided to experiment with webcam first.


The idea is to control the movement of the circles with a microphone and have the circles pick up colors from the webcam as they move across the screen. It means you have to constantly talk into the microphone in order to create a painting of yourself.

I ran into a problem where the webcam took too long to load so the circles wouldn’t pick up the colors from live video. I tried preload function but it didn’t work so I decided to use frameCount and make the drawing appear after certain amount of time.

Far from perfect but I had a lot of fun playing with this! Hope you enjoy it too!




Lyrics generator!

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 05.19.54

Was trying to use API from Musixmatch and Genius but couldn’t get them both to work. I also planned to put a youtube video at the end of the page so you have an instrumental version of the song to sing along to. Again, couldn’t get it to work 😦 I need to figure out how OAuth works to gain access to Genius API and data.

Link to sketch : https://editor.p5js.org/msyves/full/S1F9awpiX