I first planned to make a machine interface and box for my pcomp final project this week but was struggling with how to use Illustrator and how to pink the right materials. I tried testing on a cardboard I found in the junk but it didn’t cut through so and I realized that I didn’t really understand the basic of how to use the laser cutter at all. I then decided to just make something very simple for this assignment and keep the interface and box for next week.

I always love the look of wooden door plates that most Japanese houses have so I decided  to make one my own! I picked my favorite japanese sentence “前しか向かねえ” (which means ‘don’t look back’) and did a design on Illustrator with Casey’s help. I tried it on a cardboard first but the position wasn’t right and there were some parts that didn’t get etched so I needed to redo the design one more time. I then used the wood i prepared and it turned out pretty good! I wanted to painted the letters but I felt like it didn’t go deep enough? I will try to do something more complicated next week but right now I’m really loving the look of this!



For this week assignment, I really wanted to make something that I will be able to use later or give to friends as gifts. I was thinking about making a soup bowl or a Japanese style wood plate but after asking Sid for directions he said that I would have to use a special tools for that so I gave up on that idea. In the end I decided to make a sushi plate since it’d be really simple and easy to make but it’d also become very useful since I cook Japanese food a lot.


Luckily I found a perfect material for this at the junk shop. I started off by cutting the wood into 5×7 rectangular plates and then sanded the corners to add some curves to it. My plan was to make the plates look very minimal yet nice.

After I finished sanding the plates, I started making the legs for them. I cut the leftover wood into 4x1x1.5 blocks and then I used wood glue to stick them to the plates.

I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome though they are not 100% identical. I also need to finish them with oil or wax. Will beed to do a research to see which one is the most suitable foe this since I’ll put food on them!

Fabrication : week 1 flashlight

My first idea was to make an apple that glows in the dark. I got an inspiration from a scene in Lana Del Rey’s music video ‘Tropico’ where she picks a crystal apple from a tree. I wanted to do a photoshoot about witchcraft so a glowing apple would be a perfect prop for that.


I made a skeleton for an apple with wires and covered it up with transparent acrylic sheet. In the end it didn’t really look like an apple and I also couldn’t figure out the way to wire the battery and make a switch so I just decided to turn it into a japanese lantern.